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About Membership


Membership at eCurater reinforces the publication of scientific manuscripts and aids scholars in disseminating their findings. eCurater offers various kinds of membership to support individual scholars, scientists, professors, students as well as organizations. Membership at eCurater facilitates plain sailing publication process and ensures significant number of research publications.The principal motive of membership is to optimise the publication benefits. Membership at eCurater offers the following benefits :

  • Immediate provision of Membership certificate.
  • Waived or discounted Article Processing Charges.
  • Publication of stipulated number of articles throughout the membership period without APCs for every individual publication.
  • Elimination of the administrative formalities and thereby saving time.
  • An opportunity to engage with fellow researchers more frequently than non-members providing more exposure in the scientific community.

Types Of Membership

  • Annual Two years
  • Three years
  • Five years

Individual Membership

3000 USD
  • 5000 USD
  • 8000 USD
  • 10000 USD
  • Institution/Organization/Society Membership

      5000 USD
    • 12000 USD
    • 16000 USD
    • 20000 USD

    New members may join at any time; the membership year will be counted from the date of registration in the current year.

    Individual Membership

    Individual membership is provided to research scholars, PhD fellows, postdoctoral fellows, assistant/associate professors, professors and other category of people in academics, research and scientific field.


    • Individual Members can publish 5 articles under 1 year Membership plan, 10 articles under 2 years’ Membership plan, 15 articles under 3 years’ Membership plan and unlimited articles in 5 years Membership plan with any of the eCurater’s Journal.
    • Articles are eligible for discounted Article Processing Charges.
    • Membership certificate is provided letting the members enjoy premium support right from the time of subscription.

    Institution Organization Society Membership

    Institutional membership is provided to colleges, universities, research institutes and Scientific Societies across the world.


    • Authors from Institution/Organization/Society Members can publish 8 articles under 1 year Membership plan, 15 articles under 2 years Membership plan, 20 articles under 3 years Membership plan and unlimited number of articles in 5 years Membership plan with any of the eCurater Journal.
    • Receives the membership certificate after registration.
    • Registered logo of the Institution/ Organization/ Society is displayed on eCurater homepage with a statement "supported by" during the membership year(s).
    • Members enjoy premium support.

    *To view a list of institutions which are currently a member, please check eCurater homepage. If you don't find your institution logo there, ask your acquisition librarian, department head, or budget team for eCurater membership in your next proposal!

    Open Access Membership

    • Open Access publishing promotes academic and scientific research available to a wide readership.
    • Fast paced peer-review by experts.
    • Increased article visibility and citation enhancing author and institutional visibility.

    Terms And Conditions

    • Any Refund or withdrawal of the membership (individual, institutional, organizational or societal) can be claimed only within initial 14 business days of the Membership.
    • Article processing charges for an organisation will be waived only if the corresponding author is clearly affiliated with the institution /organisation at the time of submission as well as publication.
    • The Membership charges can be paid in instalments, depending upon the type of membership opted.
    • Any member would be able to publish only 2 articles as a co-author under the 1 year Membership benefit; 4 articles as a co-author under the 2 year Membership benefit; 6 articles as a co-author under the 3 year Membership benefit.
    • Membership charges that are paid through PayPal are automatically renewed (paid again by PayPal) each year until the subscription is canceled or the funding source expires.
    • If an individual/institute/organisation/society is unable to pay for membership charges via credit/debit card or PayPal, they can make a cheque payment. Contact editorial office for the details in this regard.

    To know more about our memberships, please write your query to email with your name, affiliation (current organization), type and duration of membership interested in. We also encourage corporate Membership and any queries related to the same are welcome. The final discretion on any related matter will be taken by the eCurater’s finance team and management.