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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

eCurater appreciates the association of its users and is pledged to protect their privacy. We present our Privacy Policy on this page to present an overview of what information we collect from the users, why and how do we use the information as a part of our business. The users are recommended to go through the Privacy Policy carefully and also note that these policies are subject to change and any such changes will be updated on this page continually.

What Information do we Collect?

  • To keep a record of the correspondence of the user when he/she contacts us for an enquiry, we collect information provided to us like the email or telephone number. This information will be accessed based on the entries made by the user on the “Contact Us” page. 
  • Details about Site usage and the device using which the Site is being accessed will be collected through a third-party website analytics service provider or using cookies. These details include geographical location, device information like UDI, IP address, date and type of request, time zone settings, volume of data transmitted, browser type, duration of website visit, search queries and others.
  • Any information related to the transactions made on the website viz phone number, email, date and time, amount charged etc will be collected. However, the details are neither used nor revealed. eCurater works with other organizations that provide specific services such as credit card processing. Only personal information will be shared to the extent necessary for the third party to provide these services. These third parties are prevented from using such personal information for any other purpose.
  • While evaluating Publication Ethics, our Research Integrity team will collect user’s information present in public domain to relate it to any potential Conflict of Interest or other Publication Ethics issues. It might constitute the user’s special category data. Special Category data includes sensitive personal information that the user has either already made public or which was not disclosed in the public but was declared to eCurater at the time of submission, to which, eCurater is bound to provide utmost confidentiality. Such data includes details about race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, political opinions, biometric data etc. eCurater abides by specific policy document and safeguards to maintain confidentiality and privacy of the user while processing such data.

How do we use User’s Iinformation?

We use your information for the following purposes:

  • We use user’s information to provide them easy access through our site as such information helps us suggest personalized content relevant to the user
  • To detect any potential Conflict of Interest that might have shown possible influence on the article or a review, this information can be accessed
  • To notify and communicate about changes in Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions or to request the user to fill the feedback or survey forms that help us enhance our performance, we use user’s personal information
  • To communicate the events, notifications about Special Issues, new papers related to the user’s field of interest etc. the information shall be used
  • To provide customer service and support (on the basis contract) and to deal with enquiries or complaints about the Site, user’s information will be used
  • In case of investigation being done against any illegal activities, suspected fraud or situations causing threat to physical safety of a person or any situations demanded by law, eCurater shares the information provided by the user. We do not rent, sell or share user’s data with other people or nonaffiliated companies except to provide products or services that user requested and only after obtaining permission from the user

Information Safety

eCurater takes all possible measures to keep the volume of information being collected from the user as limited as possible. Also, we incorporate all possible ways to limit the duration of retaining the data. Along with these, eCurater is committed to protect the data by

  • Ensuring the security of our offices or other sites;
  • Ensuring digital security of our equipment by using appropriate password and encryption
  • Maintaining a standard data protection policy
  • Providing data protection training to our employees

Third Party Websites

When user navigates through eCurater’s site, he/she would come across third party links and applications. By clicking on those links, the user is directed to third party websites who might collect or share their personal data. eCurater doesn’t control these third part websites and does not hold responsible for their privacy policies. This Privacy Policy holds true only for the eCurater’s platform. We recommend the readers to read the privacy statement of every third-party website they visit. 


Cookies help us better our services to the customers. Anonymous information like the domains from which people visit help us track the visitor activity on our website. It also helps us in analyzing statistics helping us provide better customer service. We, along with our affiliates maintain highest levels of confidentiality. However, if the users don’t want eCurater to use their information and details they can deny it by opting out at the request page.


eCurater considers spam emails as a major concern and has taken reasonable measures, to minimize the transmission and effect of spam emails. All emails received by eCurater are subject to spam check. Any email identified as spam will be rejected by providing sufficient information to the Sender.

Changes to Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to change and any such changes will be notified. Also, users are requested to keep their personal data accurate and any changes in the same during their association with eCurater should be brought to our notice.