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Data sharing

Data sharing

At eCurater, we aim to foster open access to all the published articles and thus recommend all the authors to share the supporting data including the supplementary information by submitting them in a publicly available data repository. The following are a few ways in which authors can make their data available for the users to access.

  • Deposition of data in a repository which allow archiving and citation displaying the best standards of curation
  • Additionally, authors may provide the data in Supplementary files and submit them along with the manuscript
  • Authors can also choose to make the data available on request. In such a case, authors have to mention the details of the point of contact clearly
  • In case of any restricted data, the authors should provide valid explanation for the restrictions. In such cases, authors should present the minimum data available to support their findings in an appropriate repository

Data Availability Statement

eCurater recommends authors to include a data availability statement with all the published Research Articles. The data availability statement explains how users can access the data provided to support the conclusions. The statement must include the following:

  • Nature of data
  • Where the data can be accessed
  • Appropriate explanations for restrictions on data (if any)