Ecurater Journals

eCurater Vision & Mission

Our Vision

eCurater envisions to broaden the frontiers of scientific knowledge and aims to provide an academic medium that reinforces high level learning and innovative research.

Our Mission

eCurater strives to create a conducive and collaborative scientific platform where researchers feel motivated to freely communicate their research outcomes and disseminate knowledge. We aim to support scientists by earnestly publishing significant advances in any chosen field and the readers by effectively disseminating the outcomes of scientific studies. eCurater stands as an icon of excellence, diversity and integrity that brings together the best researchers and knowledge seekers. We provide standard research outputs in effective ways to those who need it. eCurater believes that open exchange of ideas and information promotes better scientific understanding and leads to a sustainable future. eCurater devotes all its available latest technologies and resources to publish rigorous and accessible material that plays a key role in lifelong learning and career advancement of the scientists.